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MBD-2 2/5 Assignment

Read the articles “MarketLine Industry Profile: IT Services in South Africa” and “MarketLine Report: ACER Incorporated.”

Watch the video “Overwhelmed” by the artist Big Daddy Weave ( This video is filmed in Tanzania, Africa, a collectivist culture.

 You will write a five- to six-page paper following APA style. For questions on APA style, go to the APA Style Page.

In your paper, address the following:

Develop a cultural profile of South Africa. Culture profiles are shown as beneficial tools to improve cultural awareness in global knowledge sharing and learning processes. Culture profiles describe cultural characteristics on different levels, such as national, organizational or individual characteristics. The concept is related to existing specifications and standards in order to implement an innovative concept in an interoperable way.

Describe the IT industry in South Africa.

What type of organization is ACER?

What strategy did the company ACER implement to enter the South Africa market? Was this strategy successful? Why or why not?

Are there additional alliances ACER could employ? 

Discuss the importance of integrating a Christian worldview in South Africa, which is a more collectivist society than the United States.

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