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Bethel University – Leadership in customer service: CRM2100


Week 2


250 words per question. 3 Scholarly sources. Not including reference


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Read “Spotlight on Management” on pages 72-88 and the practice lesson “The Real World” on page 88. Please discuss the following questions in detail.  Your response to each question should consist of:  a minimum word count of 250 words and at least three (3) scholarly sources (1 resource can be the textbook):




1 – Discuss at least three ways the textbook suggests to improve your communication skills.


2 – Use the three communication improvement steps you discussed above in a situation in which you engage in a conversation with another person or persons. Report the experience here.


3 – Regarding “The Real World” practice lesson on page 88, outline the steps that Chad should take to prepare for his presentation.


4 – Explain specific ways that Chad can engage the attendees, keeping in mind that he is presenting to his superiors.  In your response, include a powerful opening and closing statement that Chad could use in his presentation.


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