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What is normal blood glucose level? Which level is considered as diabetes?

What are the two most common types of diabetes? How do they differ?

What is fiber? What are their main types? What are their roles? What are the major sources of each type?

What are the symptoms of disorder caused by alcohol use ?

What are the potential consequences of heavy drinking and binge drinking?

How alcohol is absorbed and metabolized in the body?


What is phospholipid? What are its major roles in our body?

What is cholesterol? What are its functions in our body? Read book and find out its uses in body and what are its sources?

What are the categories of fatty acids? What are their properties and how do they effect our health?

What are the healthy blood cholesterol levels? And what are considered not healthy blood level?

What are essential Fatty acids (name) and what are their roles and sources?

Which main dietary factor is associated with high blood cholesterol?

Which factors contribute in heart disease (CVD) in men and women?

What are the roles of Chylomicron, VLDA, LDL and HDL (LIPOPROTEINS)in our body? What levels are considered healthy?


How Protein differs from other macronutrients?

What is an amino acid? Normally, how many types of total amino acid make proteins? How many amino acids are essential ?

What is Marasmus and kwashiorkor? What are the causes of these diseases? what are the main symptoms?

Why stomach has strong acid? What is its role?

What is limiting amino acid? How it affects protein synthesis?

What is conditionally essential amino acid?

What is a complementary protein? How this concept works? Understand it.

How proteins are categorized?



What is Vitamin? How vitamins are categorized? How do they differ?

How fat-soluble vitamins are transported from small intestine to other parts of body

What are the sources and deficiency diseases/symptoms of Vitamin A,D,K and E and which group of people can be susceptible to deficiency of any of these Vitamins?


What are the sources and functions of Thiamin, Niacin, Vitamin B6 & vitamin C and their deficiency symptoms?

Why folate is important for childbearing age women? What are its deficiency symptoms?

Which vitamins deficiency cause Macrocytic or Microcytic anemia

What is Scurvy? What are its symptoms?

What are the toxic effects of high doses of Niacin and Vitamin B6?

Which vitamins play a role in red blood cell health?

Why Physicians sometimes prescribe niacin in high doses?

Why vitamin B12is considered a UNIQUE vitamin?

What factors influence the requirements of Vitamin E, Vitamin B6 and Chromium?

Which vitamins act as antioxidants? Which body systems or organs need higher level of these vitamins?

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