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1. Why do barnacles have such large penises? 
2. Slugs have no shell. What are the possible costs and benefits of this
3. Explain the octopus ball experiment. How would you design a similar experiment
to test whether or not frogs learn? 
4. What is the most significant difference between the two major hypotheses about how nervous systems evolved?
5.What do Hox genes do? 
6.In a diagram of a muscle, be able to indicate myosin vs. actin.
7.What have you learned in this course that applies to your field of study?
8.Describe a similarity between nematodes and arthropods. 
9. Compare and contrast movement in earthworms and nematodes.
10.Why are flatworms flat? 
11 . What class of organism has the greatest number of described species?
12.Why are birds reptiles? 
13.What characteristics are unique to mammals? 9°51???“ Lightshot Screenshot

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