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CH 10 Study Guide

Who was Gregor Mendel and what is his significance in genetics? Be THOROUGH.

One trait can ___________ or obscure another. The trait that is masked can be considered ______________ and the one masks another trait can be considered _______________. Page


Create Punnett squares for a monohybrid cross and give the ratios- similar to what is shown on page 192—for a cross of a short individual (tt) crossed on another short individual (tt), cross of a heterozygous individual (Tt) crossed on a heterozygous individual (Tt), two healthy carriers of cystic fibrosis (page 194)

Define genotype

Define phenotype

Define homozygous

Define heterozygous

Define monohybrid cross

Define testcross. Be able to apply this theory using Punnett squares.

State Mendel’s Law of segregation

State Mendel’s Law of Independent assortment.

Explain the names of generations including P, F1 and F2. Page 191

How many phenotypes do we get from blood types ? page 201

Define allele

Define epistasis

What is the genotype AND phenotype ratio of a heterozygous dihybrid cross? Page 195

Why do recombinant chromatids have a mix of maternal and paternal alleles? Page 197

Explain crossing over and how this may affect the distribution of alleles in gametes. Page 197

Define linkage map

Define homozygous

Define heterozygous

____________ pairs of chromosomes look alike and have the same sequence of genes in the same positions. Meaning the alleles may be different yet the genes they code for are the same. Each chromosome has many genes yet each chromosome carry one ___________ for each given trait. In humans alleles for each trait are inherited one from the __________ and another from the _________. Page 188

Define barr body

Define hemophilia A

Females have _________ X ___________ whereas males have ________. The ________ chromosome plays the greatest role in determining human sex. Most sex linked disorders are carried on the ________ chromosome and expressed in __________. Females tend to be ___________ of the gene. Page 201/202

Define autosomal dominant

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