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BUS522 Financial Tools for Managers

Unit 2 Assignment

Time Value of Money


Suppose you bought a house and took out a mortgage for $50,000. The interest rate is 8%, and you must amortize the loan over 10 years with equal end-of-year payments.

For tax purposes, you must predict the yearly interest expense.


•             Create an amortization schedule in a table in Microsoft Excel.

•             Each row and column should be clearly labeled. Columns should include at a minimum:

o             Beginning Amount,

o             Payment Amount,

o             and Interest for each year.

•             Create a graph that shows how the payments are divided between interest and principal repayment over time.


•             Microsoft Excel file


BUS522 Financial Tools for Managers

Unit 3 Assignment



You have been hired to do some due diligence for a famous investor from Omaha who is interested in investing in one of two companies, Goodman or Landry Corp. The investor has given you Goodman Corporation’s and Landry Incorporated’s stock prices and dividends, along with the Market Index, in the attached spreadsheet. Stock prices are reported for December 31 of each year, and dividends reflect those paid during the year. The market data are adjusted to include dividends. You must use this data to compete the supplied models.


•             Start with the partial model in the file Ch06 P15 Build a Model.xlsx.

•             Answer questions a-g within the workbook.


BUS522 Financial Tools for Managers

Unit 6 Assignment

Firefly Shipping Model


Mal Foil the owner of Firefly Shipping has asked you to create a model to project the number of units they must be prepared to ship in the first month of the new year. Mal has supplied you with a template of what he would like to see.



•             Download: Unit 06 Assignment – Firefly Shipping Model.xlsx

•             Mal also has a specific set of requirements:

o             use a 3-month weighted average to forecast January.

o             see how the 3-month weighted average method would perform against historical data.

o             see the 3-month weighted average charted out within the model.

o             Mal is not sure how what weights he would like to use. Your model should allow him to adjust the weights, listed in G4-I4, and see these changes change the models output.

•             The 3-month weighted average formula is listed below:


= (????????−1∗????????−1)+(????????−2∗????????−2)+(????????−3∗????????−3)


o             Ft = The forecasted values (column D)

o             Wt-X = the weight for the prior months. For example, if Ft = April then, Wt-1 would equal to March, Wt-2 would equal February and Wt-3 would equal January.

o             Ut-X = the units for the prior months, similar to how the weights work.


BUS522 Financial Tools for Managers

Unit 7 Assignment

Steve’s Mountain Bicycle Shop

Steve’s Mountain Bicycle Shop is considering three options for its facility next year. Steve can expand his current shop, move to a larger facility, or make no change. With a good market, the annual payoff would be $76,000 if he expands, $90,000 if he moves, and $40,000 if he does nothing. With an average market, his payoffs will be $30,000,

$41,000, and $15,000, respectively. With a poor market, his payoff will be –$17,000, –

$28,000, and $4,000, respectively. This assignment will explore Maximax, Minimax, and Maximin using this scenario for Steve’s Mountain Bicycle Shop.


•             Create an Excel Document that shows which options Steve should pick in each of the below situations:

o             Maximax,

o             Maximin,

o             Equally likely,

o             Option if Steve uses criterion of realism at α = 0.4 (Hurwicz),

o             Minimax

•             The table(s) should be clearly presented and labeled. It should include information on the possible outcomes as well as the best choice in each of the above listed.

•             You may be creative in the presentation, so test your formatting skills!


•             Microsoft Excel file

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