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BUS522 Financial Tools for Managers

Unit 3 Discussion

Mutually Exclusive Events

What is the meaning of mutually exclusive events? Are mutually exclusive (or disjointed) events independent or dependent? Provide an example of such events and explain your reason.

What is meant by collectively exhaustive events? Explain how it relates to mutually exclusive with an example.

In response to your peers, do you believe these events are mutually exclusive? Do you have similar experiences?

Examples in your World

The past three units have covered a many different topics and models from corporate structures, to nominal distributions, to anchoring bias. Though the examples are geared toward finance they can be used in many industries or other situations. Taking what was covered so far, how can these tools be useful in your career or personal life? Feel free to expand on the topic and please include at least one reference.

In response to your peers, what do you think of the example? Are there other statistical methods, models or data that could be useful?

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