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1.From Chapter Two 

Consider the world of business and customer wants. On July 26, a customer, that you have met once before, comes into your establishment. He had ordered a product on July 18, and it was to be delivered on July 21. The customer is not upset, but just wants to know when it will be delivered. Based on chapter two and the wants of a customer, how do you respond to them?

2.From Chapter Two 

Consider this scenario. You have been a manager/supervisor for about six months. You are currently in charge of two departments. The previous manager did a good job with Department A but provided no attention nor guidance to Department B. in fact, Department A has been named the best department in customer service for the last three years. Department B has good employees but need leadership. As the manager, (a) what do you do to keep Department A from becoming complacent, and (b) how can you provide leadership to Department B as a mentor?

3. From Chapter Three

In Chapter three, the author discusses Communicating Positively. Identify and discuss the acronym of PLAN. Be sure to briefly identify and discuss each aspect that falls under each of the topics representing PLAN. 

4. From Chapter Three

Voice qualities can have impact on how we communicate and the message we send. Discuss some of the qualities and its meanings. Provide an example to validate your statements. 

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