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Business & Finance Business Proposal Assignment

Business Proposal Information –  

Section 1

You are going to begin working on a business proposal that will be submitted in parts at the end of each module.  Be sure that you read all of the information in this project before beginning. Some sections may be quick, where others are more involved. 

Start with brainstorming a business idea and then decide on one. The only restriction is that it needs to be  a new business, that does not currently exist. This can be anything from a baby sitting, or lawn mowing business, to a new restaurant, club, retail space, food truck, etc. Just be creative! 

Section 2

Create a new and creative power-point that will contain all of the information from the part you are working on in that module. ( You MUST USE Microsoft ppt and NOT google slides. See “Accessing Microsoft Office” in the  Start Here  menu if you do not already have it downloaded on your computer ). Really think about color and creativity. Find some  graphics or gifs that can really make your presentation pop!  Be careful to not overuse animation and transitions. It is great in small doses, but should not be used on every slide.

Make it look and feel professional; as if you were presenting it to a group of investors that may help you launch your idea! Keep your slides short and to the point, bullet points are great for this!   Paragraphs should NOT be used in a power point presentation! Please see   Tips for Making Effective PowerPoint Presentations.Links to an external site.


Section 3

Include the following information in your slides:

Business Overview


· Business Name. It should be catchy, memorable, easy to say, easy to write/read

· Description of what the business does and what problem it solves for customers

· Business Mission/Vision/Values

· Business Formation – Using the advantages/disadvantages of each formation, explain why you chose this one.

· SWOT Analysis of your business

· Include a brief competitor analysis under threats.

· Ethics – what ethical standards and practices do you have in place for your employees



· Price for your product(s). What  pricing strategy  did you use for pricing your product(s) and why.

· Estimate the following:



· COGS – cost of goods sold (i.e. how much does it costs to produce one unit of your product)

· Revenue for first year = # items sold in year 1 * price

· Margins = Price – COGS

Human Resources


· Identify major roles that you will need to fill. (executive level, managerial level, and front line employees). This does not need to be an exhaustive list, rather identify a handful of roles needed at each level.

· How will you recruit to fill these roles?

· How will you evaluate, reward or correct employee job performance? 



· Create a 15-30 second video commercial of you promoting your business. You can use iMovie or similar app to help you create your commercial.   

· The goal is to make it engaging enough to attract buyers. Graphics are great, use of pets/kids in your commercial, lots of color, imagery, excitement, etc.! You get the idea! Just be sure it is TJC appropriate.

· Commercials should be of you and your voice. You can ask friends/family to act in the commercial with you, but you must have the leading role.

· Commercials should be error free. You have the opportunity to shoot it several times until it is perfect before submitting it. I have found that writing out a script and rehearsing it can cut down on the number of times you have to record, to get it perfect.

· Have fun!

Section 5

Submit each piece of the project by the due date listed in the module you are on. Submit the final version (ppt with commercial embedded into ppts slides) by the due date listed in the  Business Proposals  module. There is no requirement on the number of slides needed as long as you include the details outlined above in your power-point. If you cannot get your commercial to embed in your ppt, then you made need to make two submissions to this assignment. Be sure and indicate this in the comments “i.e. Mrs. King, please see two submissions for this assignment.”

Be sure to view the grading rubric attached to this assignment. To do that, click the three dots near the title of this assignment. Then choose “Show Rubric”


· Part 1 – Overview

· Part 2 – Finances

· Part 3 – Human Resources

· Part 4 – Marketing

· Submission of parts 1-4 altogether in one document – 

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