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Business Finance – Operations Management Foundations Of Applied Research Methods (Annotated Bibliography Assignment )

Annotated Bibliography Assignment Instructions

The Annotated Bibliography will be a springboard used to build upon as you work through the assignments in this course. Start by digging into the literature and identify a business topic related to your cognate that interests you and needs further exploration. (Note: this is not the same topic as the discussion board this week). Next, create an annotated bibliography using resources you have researched on the topic of interest. Place all of the references in APA format. Beneath each reference, write an annotation. Remember that this document will be used as a springboard as you progress through the program. Please note that annotations are not mere summaries of the work; instead, the best annotations evaluate the work. They also inform the researcher how they could use that resource for their research study. Each of these three areas would likely have its own paragraph. The annotations should be clear and concise, providing enough information that the reader does not need to read the entire article or text. You will use the information in this assignment to build your problem statement for next week’s assignment.


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