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(TCO 1) The federal government and the state governments constitute the U.S. legal system. This system is based on the legal system of ________________________

  Ancient Greece.
  Ancient Rome.


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Question 2 2 pts

(TCO 1) Jill is an appellate court judge. In this capacity, Jill establishes a rule of law. Under the doctrine of stare decisis, the principle must be adhered to by ____________________

  all courts.
  courts of lower rank only.
  that court and courts of lower rank.
  that court only.


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Question 3 2 pts

(TCO 1) Areas of law not governed by statutory or administrative law are ______________________

  governed by the common law.
  open to each individual’s own interpretation.
  regulated by the states under the U.S. Constitution.
  subject to local ordinances.


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Question 4 2 pts

(TCO 1) Which of the following are “primary sources” of law? Check all that apply.

  Constitutions (federal and state).
  “Common law.”
  Statutes (federal and state).
  Legal encyclopedias.
  Administrative rules and regulations.


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Question 5 2 pts

(TCO 1) In a suit against Kathy, Lon obtains specific performance. This is __________________

  an equitable remedy and a remedy at law.
  an equitable remedy only.
  a remedy at law only.
  not a remedy.


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Question 6 2 pts

(TCO 2) Which of the following is NOT a factor the courts would consider when deciding if a law restricting commercial speech is valid?

  Whether the law restricting commercial speech seeks to implement a substantial government interest.
  Whether the law restricting commercial speech directly advances a substantial government interest.
  Whether the law restricting commercial speech would impact jobs.
  Whether the law restricting commercial speech goes no further than necessary to accomplish its objective.


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Question 7 2 pts

(TCO 2) Wisconsin, like other states, may regulate private activities to protect or promote the public order, health, safety, and general welfare under its _________________________

  police powers.
  taxing powers.
  spending powers.
  supreme powers.


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Question 8 2 pts

(TCO 2) Best Sales Corporation regularly advertises its products. Under the First Amendment, these ads and other commercial speech are given ___________________

  less protection than noncommercial speech.
  more protection that noncommercial speech.
  no protection.
  the same protection as noncommercial speech.


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Question 9 2 pts

(TCO 2) The U.S. Constitution sets out the authority and the limits of the branches of the government. The terms checks and balances means that ___________________

  Congress writes checks and the president balances the budget.
  each branch of government has some power to limit the actions of the other branches.
  each branch of government may exercise the authority of the other branches.
  the president “checks” the courts, which “balance” the laws.


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Question 10 2 pts

(TCO 2) A law regulating economic or social matters are presumed to be valid under the Equal Protection Clause if ________________

  the law treats all businesses the same.
  there is a “rational basis” for the law, even if it treats different businesses differently.
  the law is supported by the majority.
  the law is not more than 25 years old.


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