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HIM4650 Decision Support and Quality Management in Health Information Management.

Unit 2 Assignment  

CDS Functions, Users, and Patient Outcomes

Imagine that you are a newly appointed Data Analyst. To create a solid foundation for the implementation of a CDS system or intervention, you set out to explore CDS functions and CDS users. You must understand the users because they are critical to system acceptance, resolution of system issues, and other performance strategies. This activity focuses on what the EHR can do and explores clinical decision support functions and alert features. In addition, you will see how CDS functions can be used in improving health care outcomes.


Complete the activity The Power of the EHR for CDS.

Your completed activity must meet the following criteria:

Identify the differences between coded and non-coded data entry.

Identify the differences between structured and unstructured data entry.

Evaluate the clinical implications of structured versus unstructured data entry in the EHR.

Describe the functions of CDS systems.

Describe users of CDS systems.

Explain how clinical decision support functions contribute to patients’ outcomes.

Submission Requirements

Format: Download and submit your work from the activity.

Writing: Communicate in writing that is clear and generally free from grammatical errors.


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