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HIM4650 Decision Support and Quality Management in Health Information Management.

Unit 4 Discussion

DQ1 Mitigating Acceptance Issues

One of the most critical success factors related to implementing clinical decision support systems is understanding the potential barriers and outlook on user acceptance. Consider these concerns and strategies, and write a post about how a data analyst could mitigate acceptance issues.

Reasons a provider may not embrace the idea of a decision support system.

Strategies or ideas that can be used to offset or mitigate those concerns.

Ways you can ensure that senior management supports the implementation.

DQ2 Credentialing and Provider Perceptions

Medical credentialing is the process of becoming affiliated with—or maintaining affiliation with—a hospital, healthcare facility, or insurance company. The credentialing process can be tedious, but provides an assurance of provider qualifications and that quality medical practices are being followed. Part of the credentialing process can involve a review of performance based on the use of information systems, documentation standards, ease of use, and professional traits. Some may even refer to the credentialing process as a necessary evil. Using Gruber and Dewar’s “Factors in Medical Student Beliefs About Electronic Health Record Use” study, discuss elements of the credentialing process that may influence provider perceptions; and ultimately effective use of CDS functions.


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