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How to post in this Discussion
This week you are required to contribute two meaningful posts of at least one paragraph each (5 sentences minimum) to TWO of the discussion threads I have posted below of your choosing. You will choose which threads you post in from the selection of topic threads I have posted below. You can comment on the topic, or respond to one of your classmates posts. However, to earn a full 5 points on each posting, you must show knowledge of the week’s chapter concepts and illustrate your mastery of the week’s concepts through your discussion posting. This is your chance to ‘prove’ you completed the readings and fully comprehend the concepts presented. Simply cutting and pasting from the internet or listing information is not sufficient for credit. Your post must encourage conversation, present new information and if information is gathered from sources, you MUST cite them. Earning 5/5 for a posting required effort and citation, not mere opinion!
In order to respond to a threaded discussion, you must click ‘Reply’ under that topic and post your discussion within that threaded discussion. In order to expand/decrease a topic’s thread to view it you can click on the box below this posting with the arrow in it, and you can hover your mouse over the top line of a threaded discussion until a blue arrow appears and click on the blue arrow to expand the threaded discussion. 
The objective of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to interact on an academic subject with other students as you refine your understanding of the subject. You are expected to use concepts and terms acquired during this course. For the BEST possible grade, statements must provide evidence that you understand the reading and electure assignments. Your statements should also reflect that you have read other student’s postings. For the BEST possible grade, your arguments, opinions or thoughts on the topic must be supported with references. You must interact with your fellow students and stimulate conversation amongst them. Simply stating an opinion or ‘I agree’ is not acceptable academic discussion, nor is copy and pasting information.  
Leading the Discussion
Leads for Week 2 (last names D-G) should post their initial lead posting by Wednesday and continue to monitor, comment, and encourage discussion throughout the week.

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