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1. Tell me about your experiences with literacy activities in your K-12 non-ELA content classes. Do you have any? If so, how did they enhance or understanding of the content area? What, if anything, did you learn this semester that could have improved those experiences?
2. Tell me something you learned that you want to try out in your future classroom. Explain why It stuck out to you as something you want to try and how you might use it in your future classroom.
3. Tell me about your practicum experiences and what you have seen current teachers doing with literacy activities in their non-ELA content classes. How has this course informed your thoughts about those practices you have seen or, if you haven’t seen any, how has this course informed your thoughts about the lack of literacy activities in non-ELA content classes?
4. Tell me any final thoughts you have about Read Workshop and/or Inquiry Learning/CORI. This course was very condensed and there is a lot more about these topics you might want to explore. Is there anything you are still interested in learning about these topics or enhancing non-ELA content classes with literacy activities?

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