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Business Finance – Accounting Professional Assignment #1

Search Yahoo Finance and/or any other credible source(s) to find the most recent income statement and balance sheet of a major corporation, then perform a vertical financial analysis incorporating: 

  1. Debt ratio  
  2. Debt to equity ratio  
  3. Return on assets  
  4. Return on equity  
  5. Current ratio  
  6. Quick ratio  
  7. Inventory turnover  
  8. Days in inventory  
  9. Accounts receivable turnover  
  10. Accounts receivable cycle (in number of days)  
  11. Accounts payable turnover  
  12. Accounts payable cycle (in number of days)  
  13. Earnings per share (EPS) 
  14. Price to earnings ratio (P/E)
  15. Cash conversion cycle (CCC)
  16. Working capital 
  17. Explain Dupont identity. Apply it to your selected company. Interpret the components in Dupont identity.

Provide detailed and precise explanations and definitions. Be sure to submit the financial statements along with the vertical financial analysis.

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