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Deliverable 6 – Organizational Change Presentation

Assignment Content

Analyze the influence leaders have on organizational change.

Every leader uses their traits, behaviors, and the circumstances of the situation to achieve successful outcomes. Organizational change is desirable to remain competitive, and leaders serve as change agents to ensure these changes are successful. You have been recently selected to lead an organization’s change efforts concerning the recent pandemic. During the pandemic, the organization moved to a work from home (WFH) model.

It has been several months now, and the WFH model proves to be highly successful for the company. Now the pandemic is gone, and the move back to the office is possible without sacrificing employee health and safety. Executive leadership has decided to continue the WFH module for the indefinite future; however, some managers in the organization want to move back to the office versus the continued working from home model.

The CEO has tasked you to promote this change for the organization and encourage other managers to get on board. You are serving as the change agent leader for this project by creating a presentation for an upcoming manager kickoff meeting for the work from the home model initiative. Remember, the goal is to create “buy-in” and support from managers on this new initiative.

Create a presentation with speaker’s notes that:

  • Provides a title slide (1 Slide)
  • Provides an agenda (1 Slide)
  • Provides an introduction to the current situation and direction from leadership on the WFH initiative (1 Slide)
  • Discusses the most effective leadership styles needed to continue the success of the WFH model (1 slide)
  • Examines tactics managers can use in order to be successful in influencing individual’s behaviors within the organization (1-2 slides).
  • Describes the importance of each managers contribution (traits, behaviors, etc.) on leading the organization through the WFH initiative (1-2 slides)
  • Provides a conclusion (1 Slide)
  • Provides attribution for credible references used in the development of content ideas following academic guidelines in a reference slide (1 Slide)
  • Uses examples to support the understanding of concepts in a well-created presentation
  • Contains presentation slides with only general information as a visual reference for the audience, and the speaker’s notes should include the details of each slide
  • As always, please keep in mind who your audience is and use correct grammar and spelling
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