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Each in 250words

1.Describe how educational policies of the 20th century attempted to force racial/ethnic groups to assimilate into “American” culture. Do you think any of these policies are still being used in the U.S. today? Why or why not? Explain the educational achievement gap and discuss how social and cultural capital play a role in K-12 education. Explain the concept of “stereotyped threat” – do you believe that the power of “positive” or “negative” thinking really does affect students (regardless of whether they are in K-12 or college)? Why or why not?

2.Explain the differences between cultural appropriation and racist cultural appropriation and anti-appropriation (make sure to give examples of each one). Do you believe that people of color “culturally appropriate” white culture? For example, is it a negative thing when an African American woman straightens her hair so that it looks like “white people’s hair?” Is there a double standard when it comes to cultural appropriation? Explain your answer and give examples.

3.Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of three different responses to racial inequality: color blindness, multiculturalism/cosmopolitanism and racial democracy. Explain the four different levels that people can use to achieve racial democracy.

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