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MGMT501 Organizational Structures and Business Processes

Week 1 Discussion

Globalization and Free Trade

Globalization has resulted in greater interconnectedness among markets around the world and increased communication and awareness of business opportunities in the far corners of the globe. More investors can access new investment opportunities and study new markets at a greater distance than before.

Discuss how globalization has an effect on the factors of projection. What are some the barriers to international trade?


MGMT501 Organizational Structures and Business Processes

Week 2 Discussion

Political, Economic, and Legal Systems

Let’s discuss the political, economic, and legal systems of some countries around the world. Sharing how other countries approach their politics, handled their economy, and what laws govern them can be interesting in comparison to the United States.

Choose a foreign country.

Research and discuss the triumvirate of political, economic, and legal systems in the country that you chose.

Discuss how these factors can affect economic progress.


MGMT501 Organizational Structures and Business Processes

Week 3 Discussion

Managerial Roles

After reading Mintzberg’s managerial roles (Ferrell et al., Chapter 6), choose only one of the three roles. Choose any organization with which you interact on a regular basis. This organization can be your place of employment, local supermarket, church, school, or any other type of retailer. Noticeable organizations, such as public corporations, will not be considered for this activity.

In your response, address the following:

Introduce the organization.

Identify at least three specific managerial activities associated with these roles at the three managerial levels described in this Week’s lessons.




MGMT501 Organizational Structures and Business Processes

Week 4 Discussion

The Transformation Process

Using the Starbucks website and Robbins et al. (2017), go to the Starbucks website (Links to an external site.). locate the “For Business” section, and access the “Suppliers” link. Evaluate how the requirements and standards to become a Starbucks’ supplier.

Using the transformation process (Ferrell et al., Chapter 8), explain how Starbucks serves its customers, from inputs to outputs. Conduct additional research as needed.


MGMT501 Organizational Structures and Business Processes

Week 5 Discussion

Workplace Discrimination

Let’s talk about discrimination. Access a recent case of discrimination reported in the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) press release on the EEOC website (Links to an external site.).

In your response, address the following:

What is the case about? What are the issues that reflect discriminatory practices? Has the case been resolved?

What are the anticipated or achieved outcomes?

What are some of the current challenges concerning discrimination that managers will encounter?


MGMT501 Organizational Structures and Business Processes

Week 6 Discussion

The Four Ps of Marketing

Let’s talk all things Marketing… you will identify the Four Ps of marketing using a business plan from the Internet. There are numerous business plan examples on the web, and on websites such as Bplans (Links to an external site.). Choose a business plans that would represent well the 4 Ps of marketing. Some plans have limited scope in describing the price of products/services. In such case, benchmark (i.e., research similar businesses) and propose estimated prices.

In your response address the following:

What are the four elements of the marketing mix described in the document?

What is the value that the organization delivers to its customers?




MGMT501 Organizational Structures and Business Processes

Week 7 Discussion

Value Creation for Products and Services

The goal of marketing managers is to study market facts, industry tendencies, and consumption behaviors so that organizations can produce goods and services that create real value for consumers. Research any of the following innovation sectors:

Aerospace, aircraft, and drones

Games, apps, and social media

Green technology

Biotechnology, drugs, and genetics


In your response, address the following:

Share at least one market trend that can drive the future creation of products and services in that field.

Suggest one product or service that can deliver value for the anticipated trend. Define the type of product or service.

Describe how an organization can create value for consumers using that specific trend.

You can find information utilizing the Plunkett, go to the DeVry Library and locate and click the “Database” menu. Look for the database tab (you must access the Library from inside the Canvas Classroom); and access the Plunkett Database using the alphabetical tool. Once in the report, choose only one innovative market sector, and access the “Market Research and Trends” Report. Use page one of this report to complete this activity.


MGMT501 Organizational Structures and Business Processes

Week 8 Discussion

Small Business and Entrepreneurship

The concepts of small business and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. In fact, small businesses, as well as, large businesses, would not be in existence if it were not for the innovative ideas and thoughts of entrepreneurs. As you complete your final reading of the course, pay specific attention to the concepts of small business and entrepreneurship. Specifically, respond to the following:

Define entrepreneurship and small business.

Explain the importance of small business in the United States economy and why certain fields attract small businesses.

Analyze the disadvantages of small business ownership and the reasons why many small businesses fail.

Assess two entrepreneurs’ plans for starting a small business.

In your response, keep in mind:


You only need to respond to one bullet point at a time, thereby allowing others a chance to make initial posts.

Feel free to respond to other posts, in lieu of making that initial post.

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