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The response will not simply be an agreement to the original author’s thread but will be a continuation of the topic with additional input.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for emergency management directors should grow by about eight percent through 2026. The services you provide as an emergency management director are crucial to helping organizations prepare for and minimize risks from emergency situations. Your planning and strategizing ensure that your company or agency can continue to operate and fulfill its mission even under the pressure and strain from emergency scenarios. The more experience you have in the field of emergency management, the better your job prospects. Review any articles or employment sites (Choose either peer-reviewed articles, .gov, .edu, or other educational resource for the required reading) and discuss your findings as to the perspective and outlook of the field of Emergency Management Response, as well as any educationalrequirements that are needed.

Instructor Tip: Students should analyze the career prospects and explain their findings relative to the current trends in Emergency Management today. Also, discuss any educational findings pertaining to the needs of the field of Emergency Management.

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