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Discussion: Challenge Re-Design

You are working for a company. Your task is to improve a tool or  appliance from your daily life. Pick a tool or appliance from your daily  life or home and redesign it for better functionality, reliability, and  cost. You are required to create a prototype. What steps would you use  to complete the redesign and prototype? We’ll explore this further in  our discussion this week. 

Answer the following:

  • Explain your method for the redesign and give the reasoning behind it. Make sure you include each step you are going to take.
  • Add a sketch of your redesign with the following views, including major dimensions (width, height, and depth):
    • Front view.
    • Right side view (must be horizontally aligned with front view on the right side).
    • Top view (must be vertically aligned with front view on the top).
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