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One of the aspects of scholarly work is giving attribution to ideas and information

sources that you use—giving credit where it is due. Failure to do so diminishes your

credibility and violates the principles of academic integrity. Plagiarism is the

presentation of work done by others as your own work without giving credit. This can

occur deliberately or inadvertently, but in either case, it is a violation of academic


To prepare for this discussion:

Review The Plagiarism Spectrum found in the Learning Resources.


The two most common violations (Clone and CTRL-C) may be most familiar to you.

Reflect on the 8 less common violations, identify one that you may have committed (or

you could imagine committing due to carelessness) and share steps you can take to

avoid it.


Post a 2 long paragraph explanation of how you might avoid committing one of the

types of plagiarism described.

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