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1.Evidence from Upper Paleolithic sites has shown that beginning around 30,000 years ago

A.there was a sharp decline in cultural innovationB.all people relied soley on mammath for foodC.more people were living past the age of 30D.people were beginning to settle in one place to plant crops

2.According to the partial replacement model, which statement is TRUE?

A.moderns never interbred with archaic forms in ErasiaB.the dispersal of modern humans was relatively rapidC.premodern humans first evolved into modern Homo sapiens in southern AfricaD.modern humans evolved in Africa and Europe at the same time

3.Humans are

A.chordatesB.animalsC.vertebratesD.all of these

4.The __ cultural period of the Middle Pleistocene correlates with the Lower Paleolithic.


5.What is the tool industry that is generally associated with Neandertals?

A.AcheuleanB.Upper PaleolithicC.MousterianD.Oldowan

6.Which statement describes Neandertal hunting? was learned by copying from early modern human was probably rare and generally utilized bows and probably required close contact with their prey

7.The Acheulian cultural tradition is characterized by bifacially worked core tools, such as hand axes and cleavers.



8.If the Nariokotome “boy” had survived to adulthood, he would have

A.been around 6 feet tallB.been obeseC.had relatively long arms compared to his legsD.been a leader of his clan

9.The Acheulian industry was associated with which hominin species?

A.Homo habilisB.Paranthropus aethiopicusC.Homo erectusD.Homo sapiens

10.Where have definite Homo erectus fossil remains been found?

A.SpainB.MexicoC.none of theseD.South America

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