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Module 7 Discussion

Performance Management and Employee Engagement

Several factors drive employee engagement. These influential factors include leadership, culture, communication, diversity, work-life balance, acknowledgment, to name a handful. Employee engagement drives the organizational performance that influences the bottom-line which ultimately determines organizational success or failure. Consequently, quality employee engagement and morale are leading factors in organizational success.


For this discussion, consider a scenario wherein a company has hired you as a business development consultant. This large business needs help in terms of understanding why they continually maintain both low scores on their employee satisfaction surveys and high levels of turnover. As a consultant, you know that many factors contribute to employee satisfaction and employee engagement.

Initial Post

Supply a recommendation that addresses the following:

Discuss three key factors in employee engagement on which leadership should focus.

Highlight some practices that leadership can implement to improve the productive impact of each of the three factors that you have identified.

Make sure to provide a rationale for each of your recommendations that include cited evidence.

Reply Post

Consider the recommendations and evidence supplied by your classmates.

Thinking about your own experiences at work, share additional insights you have gained about employee engagement and employee satisfaction. Also, consider any limitations of the suggestions that have been provided-for instance are there ideas that work in theory but would be difficult to implement in practice.

Offer your perspective as to how their recommendations might influence your organization and work experience?

Keep in mind the following parameters while crafting your posts and replies:

Limit your posts and replies to 300 – 400 words maximum to ensure their utility.

Incorporate references to the details provided by your peers with direct linkages to your advice.

Strengthen the credibility of your recommendations by citing evidence to support them.


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