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Week 6 Project 3Review Microsoft Word 2013 BibleBucki, L. A. (2013). Word 2013 bible. Retrieved from herePart V: Improving Document Setup and LookReview Formatting a NewsletterCreate a (topic of your choice) newsletter with 250 or more words based on a selected newsletter template. Include the following:Apply sensible content based on the newsletter themeAdd an appropriate Bullet List to enhance the newsletterAdd WordArt to the newsletterUse Drop Cap in the newsletter (Note: Drop Cap will not work in tables)Build an applicable Table with a table style in the newsletterAdd at least two graphics or illustrations to emphasize a point in the newsletterAdd your Name and Date to the Footer of the pageCreate a PDF file of the newsletter onlyUsing the Mailing feature create an envelope document with a set of mailing addresses to mail the newsletterUsing the Mailing feature create a label document with a set of addresses to place on the envelope

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