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Throughout this course, you have  learned what steps you will need to take to put together a successful  team. You will use your knowledge about each step of the team-building  process and its significance in a final report for your VP. You will  explain what makes teams important and effective. This assignment gives  you an opportunity to analyze your leadership potential while applying  business writing skills. 


Your VP has asked you to create a 5–7  member team that you will lead for a new product or service the company  is introducing. You have taken steps throughout your course to begin  building your team. You will deliver a business report to your VP for  your final team proposal. 


Write a 3–4 page report to the Vice President to include the following sections: 

1. Title Page

Include a title page with the following information: Project name. Date. Prepared by: your first and last name. Prepared for: your VP first and last name. Company name. 

2. Introduction

Your introduction should be 1–2  paragraphs summarizing what you will cover in the report as well as your  reason for writing the report. Be as specific and concise as possible  when writing your introduction so that the reader can clearly understand  what they will find in your report. 

3. Body

The body of the report will include three labelled sections: 

Envisioning the Team  Based on the Week 3 assignment and  feedback, describe your team’s purpose, its roles, and critical skills.  Include the following: The team purpose statement (the shared goal). The specific  roles that will make up your team and what each is responsible for.  That includes description of responsibilities and the types of tasks  each member performs. The skills/traits each role will require and why those are critical. 

Picking Your People Describe your plans for researching,  recruiting, and evaluating the best candidates. Don’t forget to review  the Week 5 assignment on evaluating candidates and the instructor  feedback. Support your rationale with examples and references from  course resources. Use the following suggestions to get started: Share your scouting techniques to recruit for the team members. Share your plan to research applicants or potential candidates, including the supporting rationale. Share how you will attract and persuade the most valuable candidates to join your team. Provide  examples of key roles on your team and explain the evaluation or testing  recommended for those roles and why those are appropriate. 

Leading an Effective Team Explain what makes the team and you as a member of your own team effective. Include the following: Identify and  explain four characteristics that will be important for your team to be  effective and successful and why those are key. Provide support for  your points from course resources. As a member  of your own team explain strategies you will use to be the leader your  team needs. Provide support from course resources and your DiSC  assessment. Consider strategies for increasing team effectiveness. Think about  what you learned about your personality traits from the DiSC assessment  and complementary strengths in your team members. 

4. Conclusion

Summarize the findings or results discussed in the report and reiterate the most important recommendations. 

Submission Requirements

Check your assignment for grammatical errors. Review what you have written for clarity. Submit your report to the assignment in Week 10. This course requires the use of Strayer  Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the  Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course.  Check with your professor for any additional instructions. The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is: Examine strategies for building an effective team and accomplishing tasks. 

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