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ETH301 Business and Society

Week 1 Discussion

“Importance of Social Responsibility”

Explain corporate social responsibility in your own words. 

Name a company you believe to be socially responsible.  Defend your choice. 

Choose one of the weekly readings and discuss how the article changed your understanding of corporate social responsibility. 


ETH301 Business and Society

Week 2 Discussion

Regulation of Business

Explain the rationale for government regulations on businesses in your own words. 

Identify a federal or state regulation that you support or oppose. 

Explain your support or opposition to the regulation.


ETH301 Business and Society

Week 3 Discussion

Ethics in the Workplace

Identify and discuss the importance of ethics in the workplace.

What do you think the business world would be like without them? Why?


ETH301 Business and Society

Week 4 Discussion

Consumer Protection Laws

Explain the purpose of consumer protection laws in your own words. 

Based on your personal experiences, do you think that consumer protection laws are effective? 

Why or why not?




ETH301 Business and Society

Week 5 Discussion

Benefits of Strategic Philanthropy

Describe strategic philanthropy in your own words.

Does strategic philanthropy influence your brand loyalty?  Why or why not?


ETH301 Business and Society

Week 6 Discussion

Impact of Technology on Society

Choose two points from either “Ethics and the Enhanced Soldier of the Near Future” or “The Social Impact of Technology” in the W6 Weekly Related Articles.

Explain both points in your own words. 

What experiences or reasons caused you to select and agree or disagree with the two points?


ETH301 Business and Society

Week 7 Discussion

Nature of Sustainability As It Relates to Social Responsibility

Organizations around the globe are being challenged to take more responsibility for how their operations impact local communities, society as a whole, and the environment.

Do you agree or disagree with these increasing challenges?  Why or why not? 

Also, share one example of an organization that has risen to the challenge.  Include one reference that will allow your peers to learn more about your example.


ETH301 Business and Society

Week 8 Discussion

Review & Reflection

How has the class changed your view on the relationship between business and society? 

How do expect your role in both business and society to change because of the knowledge you acquired in this course?

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