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GTM Strategy

Business: Klassik Styles hair Salon

 Using segmenting, targeting, and positioning, a marketing concept commonly referred to as STP,  you have been able to distinguish who your target market is. Now it’s  time to apply this knowledge to creating a go to market (GTM) strategy  for your product and/or service. What is the essential value of your  offering? For example, if you are a fine dining restaurant the essential  value is a delightful meal. What matters more to your patrons; e.g.  that your food is great or that you use plastic napkins instead of cloth?  Your patrons would probably not stop coming to your restaurant because you use plastic napkins. However if the food quality was poor, all the  cloth napkins in the world won’t bring them back. In the restaurant  example, the core product is the food, and plastic napkins an ancillary  item. Together they constitute the essential value and unique selling  proposition (USP). But why chance it, spring for the cloth napkins.  Apply the STP knowledge and create a go to market (GTM) strategy for your product and/or service. 

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