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HUMN8785 WK 9 Disc


· Review your Course Announcements for possible information related to this week’s Discussion and Assignment.

· Review the Learning Resources on global social change organizations. Select one organization to focus on for this Discussion. Consider how the organization addresses global social problems or issues.  

· Review the Learning Resources on innovative strategies for global social change. Think about how the organization that you selected uses innovative strategies to effect positive global social change.  

· Review the Learning Resources on culture, ethics, and power. Reflect on how the organization that you selected accounts for culture, ethics, and power in its mission and initiatives. 


Post a brief description of a Beyond/Without Borders organization of interest to you. In your description, be sure to include their social change mission. Then explain how the organization uses at least one innovative strategy to address the global social issue or problem and/or bridge the geographical gaps. Be specific. Finally, explain the degree to which the organization takes culture, ethics, and power into account when addressing the global issue or problem. Use what you learned about the organization’s mission and major initiatives to support your explanation.


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