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Q1 Imagine you are a hiring manager for a company. Also, imagine that the current unemployment rate is high and as such you are getting a lot of applications for jobs at your company from “overqualified” candidates (people whose education, experience, and skills exceed the requirements). Based on the reading this week, would you pursue and hire such candidates? Why or why not? Be sure to articulate the pros and cons of this choice in your answer.

Q2 Why is SPLISS valuable to your sport’s organizational structure?  Hint: look internationally, nationally, and locally for value.

Where/how does is fall short? Where/how does it thrive? Explain. 

What suggestions do you have to evaluate the needs of individual athletes within your sport and your sport’s high performance pathway curriculum to promote appropriate sports policies that will lead to international sporting success? 

Q3 First: What are the current entrepreneurship opportunities within your sport of choice? Hint: look Internationally, Nationally, and Locally. 

Next: Promote yourself as the perfect entrepreneur to implement these opportunities.  Do not hold back. Why are you the best person for the job?  Share a short plan on how you will ensure development and compliance in the sport program.

Q4 Review your extensive list of resources gathered and concepts learned throughout the course in the areas of: Sport’s History, Sport Sociology, physiology and kinesology, sport psychology, sport policy, sport management, and athlete development models. 

As you progress through your masters program, how will you develop your skill set within each of these areas?

Why do you feel specific areas need development?  Why do you feel specific areas are adequate? 

Looking at other coaches in your sport, where do most need development?

Q5 Discuss whether economies of scale have any relevance to such companies as Wal-Mart. 

Q6 In the hope of high returns, venture capitalists provide funds to finance new (start up) companies. However, potential competitors and structures of the market into which the new firm enters are extremely important in realization of profits. Among different market structures, which one do you believe provides the highest possible return for a new company and why?

Q7 There are implications that are part of implementing AI or robotic technology in our workplaces. Some are social and some are ethical.

From your perspective, present a detailed analysis and options for your choice of a business using AI. You should describe your AI choice in a short video. That will add to the interest we will all have in this week’s discussion.

If possible, if you have time, a live Zoom technology discussion forum will be arranged by the professor.

As a side note, it might be possible that your chosen business already has ethical issues that have arisen with their use of AI.

Q8 AI and robots are part of our life and work. From what you have learned so far, predict the future of AI for the next ten years. Pick a business that you see or sense will experience specific growth with AI technology in the next 10 years. Discuss. 

Q9 Do you believe that resilience and preparedness taken in a homeland security context are synergistic?

Q10 Exploring the components of EO: 13636 and Critical Infrastructure Security Presidential Policy Directive (PDD-8), what two elements/sectors impacted by the adoption of a framework of resilience do you believe need greater emphasis on over the next 5 years? Why have you chosen these two?

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