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It has been a long-held practice that the NCAA does not believe in paying players from any sport to play or profit from the use of their name or image.  Their belief has always been that student athletics are in college to earn a degree.  In 2019, the NCAA came under fire when Governor Gavin Newsom of California signed a bill that would in essence allow that to happen in the state of California.  This year it has become a well known practice for players to be paid for the use of their name and image thus changing the face of College Sports forever.  This ruling along with the “Transfer Portal” has turned these student athletes into  professional players.   Now it’s your time.

Answer the questions below 

1.  Do you think student athletes should receive compensation for playing their sport or for allowing their name or image to be used for advertising purposes?  Remember, most of the student athletes are not having to pay for their schooling, books and in some cases their room and food.  (In other words, as far as there 4 year education, they are receiving a free ride).

2.  In answering this question, remember, we are not just talking men’s football and basketball.  If you pay the athletes from one sport you have to pay all athletes (men and women) of all sports.  Assuming that the compensation for using the student athletes name and images will come from the sponsor/advertiser, where should the money come from to pay their salaries?  

3.  Do you think that this change in the student athlete will eventually lead to the student athlete being declared as a “Professional Athlete” and covered under the constraints’ of the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board)?

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