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MGT205 Human Resource Management

Module 1 Discussion

DQ1 After reading Chapter 1, we learn that some of the rights that were granted to LGBT (or LBGTQ) individuals and couples have been challenged since Donald Trump became president. Perhaps the challenge that will be the most important for HR in the coming years stems from the “Me Too” movement and the new spotlight on sexual harassment and sexual misconduct at work.

How do you think the “Me Too’ movement will affect HRM practices?  Are they likely to be an long-term implications of this new focus on sexual misconduct? 

DQ2 We read in the opening case of Chapter 1 that at first glance, Google, Hilcorp, and Quicken Loans appear to have little in common. But they do share a few things in common: They all have been cited as among the most admired companies in the United States by Fortune magazine, they routinely appear on lists of the best places to work, and they are consistently profitable. They invest heavily in attracting the best employees and then work diligently to train them and offer them rewarding career opportunities. They pay well, offer good benefits, and strive to make their employees feel valued. The bottom line is that while there are many routes to business success, treating employees well is often the best way to go.

If you were starting a new business, what kind of relationship would you want to have with your employees? How would you go about trying to achieve this?

Defend your answer using at least one (1) outside source. 

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