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MGT205 Human Resource Management

Module 1 Quiz  

Question 1Which of the following statements is true of traditional line managers?

  They make indirect bottom-line contributions to their organization.

  They are responsible for the support functions of their organization.

  They include human resource managers.

  They are directly responsible for creating goods and services.

 Question 2Which of the following statements is true of the HR department of small organizations?

  HR issues are relatively straightforward in small firms.

  The HR department of small firms has specialized subunits, each with its own functions.

  Small firms usually provide extensive HR training.

  Small firms usually have one full-time HR manager and a single secretary to assist the manager.

 Question 3Scientific management helped augment the concept of assembly-line production.



 Question 4 Which of the following revealed that individual and group behavior played an important role in organizations and that human behavior at work was something managers really needed to understand more fully?

  Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs

  McGregor’s Theory X framework

  The Hawthorne studies

  The Jevons paradox

Question 5The HR department of Asterix, a large organization, recommends setting up fitness centers and conducting career planning sessions to enhance the overall development of its employees. The management of the company believes that the employees should be happy and personally fulfilled on the job. In the given scenario, the recommendation of the HR department, if executed, will most likely help Asterix achieve the human resource management goal of _____.

  complying with social obligations

  adhering to legal business guidelines

  promoting individual growth and development

  promoting ethnocentric practices in the workplace

 Question 6Which of the following statements is true of contemporary HR executives?

  They are required to possess general management abilities that reflect conceptual, diagnostic, and analytical skills.

  They are concerned exclusively with hiring first-line employees such as blue-collar workers and unskilled labor.

  They are regarded as second-class corporate citizens.

  They are tasked with developing policies that promote ethnocentrism in the workplace.

Question 7Which of the following, perhaps, will be the most important challenge for HR in the coming years?

  Selection of knowledge workers

  Sexual harassment and sexual misconduct at work

  Development of personnel departments

  Effective performance appraisal and compensation systems

 Question 8To better manage its human resources, the management of Bart, a pharmaceutical company, decides to create a separate department that would be responsible for hiring skilled employees, dealing with government regulations, and managing behavioral issues. The given scenario illustrates the concept of _____.

  scientific management


  personnel management


 Question 9Which of the following is the attempt to measure, in objective terms, the impact and effectiveness of human resource management (HRM) practices in terms of metrics such as a firm’s financial performance?

  Market basket analysis

  Ethnographic analysis

  Utility analysis

  Narrative analysis

 Question 10The use of new technologies by an organization for manufacturing, communication, and human resource management reduces the organization’s need for knowledge workers.



 Question 11The management of Futurics, a consultancy firm, regularly introduces various reward programs to maintain motivation and effort among its employees. The management understands the importance of providing incentives to the employees to ensure efficiency and a high level of customer service. In the given scenario, which of the following goals of human resource management is fulfilled by the aforementioned activities of the management?

  Complying with and meeting social obligations

  Creating an ethnocentric work environment

  Enhancing productivity and quality

  Adhering to legal business guidelines

 Question 12The human relations era emerged following the Hawthorne studies.



 Question 13Which of the following supplanted scientific management as the dominant approach to management during the 1930s?


  The open-book approach to management

  The human relations era

  The systems-oriented view of human resource management

 Question 14Which of the following organizations created the HR Certification Institute (HRCI)?

  The Human Resources Professionals Association

  The Society for Human Resource Management

  The National Academy of Human Resources

  The Institute of Human Resource Capital Consultancy

 Question 15Which of the following statements is true of contemporary human resource management (HRM)?

  HRM practices significantly affect management’s ability to formulate and implement strategy in any area.

  HR managers are solely responsible for carrying out line functions.

  HRM policies are aimed at promoting ethnocentrism in the workplace.

  HR managers are considered second-class corporate citizens.

 Question 16The management of Gilbert Inc., an automobile parts manufacturer, has created a separate department to deal with the company’s increasing hiring needs. This department hires skilled employees, administers basic HR activities such as pay and benefits, and ensures that all organizational activities are in compliance with government regulations. In the given scenario, the new department is most likely concerned with _____.

  production management

  technology management

  personnel management

  operations management

 Question 17Wrapp Kitchen Inc., a restaurant chain, wants to increase worker productivity and efficiency. To achieve this, the management of the restaurant restructures the jobs of servers and chefs to maximize output and service delivery. The aim is to focus each and every employee activity toward maximizing productivity. This scenario most likely illustrates the concept of _____.

  scientific management



  personnel management

 Question 18The material resources of an organization include:

  factories, equipment, raw materials, computers, and offices.

  the sources of information of the organization.

  patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

  the people employed to do the work of the organization.

 Question 19Which of the following acts made it illegal for employers to consider factors such as gender, religion, race, skin color, or national origin when making employment-related decisions?

  The Taft–Hartley Act of 1947

  The Civil Rights Act of 1964

  The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act of 1988

  The Labor Management Relations Act of 1947

 Question 20 Which of the following is a necessary prerequisite for success in human resource management?

  An inclination toward Theory X style of management

  An ethnocentric attitude

  A solid educational background

  A membership in the Society for Human Resource Management

 Question 21Which of the following departments within an organization was usually thought of as a staff function?

  The operations department

  The marketing department

  The finance department

  The legal department

 Question 22Which of the following statements is true of the HR department of large organizations?

  General managers handle the HR duties in large organizations.

  Relatively little HR training is provided in large organizations.

  Line managers are required to handle basic HR functions in large organizations.

  HR functions are likely to have specialized subunits in large organizations.

 Question 23Computer monitoring allows organizations to collect real-time performance data from employees on various jobs.



 Question 24Scientists and lawyers are usually considered knowledge workers.



 Question 25Employees who contribute to an organization by the nature of what they know and how well they can apply what they know are known as _____.

  knowledge workers

  ancillary workers

  blue-collar workers

  free riders

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