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MGT205 Human Resource Management

Module 2 Discussion

DQ1 This week, we learned about the legal and global environments and how the Human Resources department can play key roles in both areas. 

Which do you think is more critical for international HRM: understanding the cultural environment or understanding the political and legal environment?

Defend your answer with at least one (1) outside source. 

DQ2 Read ‘Should Startups Consider Doing Business in Canada?’

The article discusses that there are both strengths and weaknesses to doing business in Canada, as there are in business operations in any country. However, the weaknesses are fairly mild compared to the potential benefits. If the access to Canadian demographics is particularly appealing to you, you should definitely consider making a move. The lower corporate tax rate, steady economic growth, familiarity and access to entrepreneurial hubs are just icing on the cake for bold entrepreneurs.

If you had the opportunity to expand a current business or start a new business, would you expand to Canada?

Defend your answer with at least one (1) outside source.

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