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MGT205 Human Resource Management

Module 6 Discussion

DQ1 For decades, negotiations about individual wages and salaries were typically handled in a meeting between the employee and his or her manager. The same approach was used both for individuals who were being offered their first job with the company and for existing employees who felt they deserved a raise. But in both cases, the supervising manager and the organization itself usually had the upper hand. To make things worse (for the employee), locating this kind of information was difficult. National and regional data were sometimes published in government reports, but the information was often dated and/or incomplete. But the Internet has rapidly changed all that. For instance, several free websites now provide salary information for interested parties. It seems like the Internet will be playing a major role from now on in the kinds of wages and salaries that employees expect and that companies pay.

Do you think there drawbacks to using the Internet to search for salary information?  Why or why not?

DQ2 The chapter discusses that there are benefits mandated by law and other benefits not mandated by law.  Health insurance is one benefit that is not mandated by law.

Do you think health insurance should be mandated by law?  Yes or No.  

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