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LDRS 420 Assignment –M & A Team Presentation on Global Enterprises

Organizational change is moving at an ever-increasing pace in today’s global economy. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A), increasing competitive pressures both at home and abroad, as well as a wide range of economic and political forces, are requiring that businesses be prepared to evolve to meet changing environments. In this course, you learned about organizational change and the wide range of factors that influence the ability of a leader to effect organizational change as well as strategies that can be employed to manage transitions. You are the CEO of Global Enterprises. Your company is undergoing M&A.


Your business, Global Enterprises, is a packaging company. It is being taken over by an unrelated business, the computer giant, Microsoft Corporation. Using the Bauer and Erdogan article, your textbooks Bridges & Bridges, Cameron & Green, and what you learned in this class, please address all of the following. ( Please note: You are not to cite the PowerPoints or use them as references).

· Explain the possible external and internal factors that are driving the need for change.

· Discuss the organizational barriers and issues, such as corporate culture, vision, and mission that currently exist in your company.

· Propose and provide a rationale for all the changes to the organizational structure, vision, and mission and explain how the change will be communicated to all key stakeholders.

· Provide, in detail, the steps you will take to complete the merger and acquisition.

· Be proactive. Provide, in detail, the obstacles this M&A may have to face and how you will deal with them.


Assignment Guideline


• Your team is expected to produce a PowerPoint for this presentation. The PowerPoint must have the following components:

· A Title Slide.

· At least five slides for each presenter (your speaking notes must accompany the PowerPoint slides, but you cannot just read off them).

· Reference slide(s).

• Each team member is allotted three to five minutes for their presentation. It will be timed, and marks will be deducted if you are over or under the time limit.

· Must be in APA7 format.

• Your team is expected to answer all these questions. Topics that are not covered will have to be addressed in the Q&A session.

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