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. As you move through all prompts, focus on generating high quality, descriptive responses. This is to say, focus on producing high quality work and your work should be no less than five double spaced pages. You may answer through direct or “in your own words” theoretical notation, exemplification, or with all methods. This is an open book and open n otes test. Only when citing direct passages, students are to provide complete in-text citations in either APA or MLA format.

Within Rios’ project, zoom into the concept of culture. For Rios, how is the youth control complex a comprehensive cultural concept, a concept of standardized values, attitudes, rules, and practices? Explain. Further, with clarity, connect and detail the ways in which Rios’ concept of youth control complex overlaps with Rothstein’s theorization of legalized societal segregation and racialization. 
Found within Flores’s work, how is structural oppression organized, designed and materialized through law? Be conceptually clear. Further, connect the ways in which Flores’ mapping of legalized racial targeting parallels the kind of racial ordering found within Rothstein’s historicizing of American racial segregation. Demonstrate and deconstruct case studies. Be specific. 

Flores, L. A. (2021). Deportable and disposable: Public rhetoric and the making of the “illegal”
immigrant. Penn State Press.
Rios, V. M. (2011). Punished: Policing the lives of Black and Latino boys. NYU Press

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