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MAN3120 Course Project

· The project is to be submitted in typed (word-processed) format on no more than 8 and no less than 5 pages of 8½ by 11 inch paper. This is an electronic submission to the assignments section of Blackboard. The font size should be 12 pitch in Times New Roman. Margins should be one inch. Please single space the text.

· The page requirement is exclusive of Title Page and Reference page.

· Projects should be submitted to the assignments section of Blackboard.

· The Title Page includes your name, the date, the course number/title, and your project title.

· If you use material from outside resources, appropriate credit must be given to the source and a list of references is required. You may use either MLA or APA style to present references.

· Be sure to proof read your project. Good, clear writing is expected. There will be a reduction in points if there are grammar and spelling errors. Proof read again and again before turning it in!

Choose Your Favorite Leader

Choose a historical or current leader. Describe what you believe to be their leadership style (or styles). Use the knowledge you have gained in this course to prove your position. Back up your position with events and actions from your leader’s history. Remember that leaders evolve over their live and will have more than one style. Be sure to explain why you admire (or don’t) this leader. Finally explain how you can use the leader’s example in your life to help achieve your life goals.

Be sure to use and integrate the material from our text. This should not be a regurgitation of material from the internet.

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