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Week 2 Assignment  

PICO Question

As a group, select a topic that you will use for your final project, and develop a PICO question regarding this problem. To develop this clinical question, you will choose a topic of interest based on clinical problems in your clinical practice. You will then use the PICO method of question development as a guide.



C—Comparison (to another intervention/no intervention)


Note that while you are to develop your PICO question as a group, each individual must submit a copy. Make sure to include the names of your group members in your submission.



Week 4 Assignment  

Article Summary

After you developed a PICO question in Week 2, you were to find 9-12 articles related to that topic. As a group, assess these articles for their clinical applicability and develop a table summarizing the studies. Analyze whether the literature supports changing practice. Click below to view the downloadable template used to summarize articles:

Final Evidence-Based Project Article Summary Template

Download this template, complete it, and upload for submission. As you work as a group, it might might be a good idea to paste the template into a Collaborations document to make edits, then copy it back over to a Word file for submission. Content – These questions should be addressed on the first page of your document, followed by the template.  You will also have a title page with your group members’ names.  You will submit this assignment during Week 8. Citations are to be in APA Format.

What process did you use to choose this topic? (5 points)

                What is your PICO question? (5 points)

                What strategies did you use to access the relevant literature? (10 points)

Format for Template Summarizing Studies for Evidence-Based Practice Project


(5)          Purpose

(5)          Sample

(5)          Design

(5)          Measurement

(5)          Results/Findings



Week 5 Assignment  

Tuskegee Syphilis Case Study

Identify the consequences to the study participants because of the lack of ethical practices on the part of the researcher. Answer the following questions (Make sure you follow the grading rubric) This should be a well thought out reflection with citations and references.  Do not just answer the questions.  It should be a 5 – 6 page paper in APA format:

Eunice Rivers, the African-American nurse who played a vital role by befriending the Tuskegee Study participants and assuring their cooperation has justified her support for the project in terms of the fact that the attention that she and the other medical staff gave to the men was more than a non-enrolled, poor, Macon County resident was likely to receive. If you had been in her place, do you think you would have come to the same conclusion with regard to the ethical choices available to you?

In what sense were the premises and the practices of the Tuskegee study racist? An important question to explore when examining accusations of human rights violations or of prejudicial behavior is whether the standards being applied are those of the time the action took place, and if not, whether this should affect any judgment about the ethics of the situation. (Conforming to official social standards does not necessarily imply that you are behaving in an ethical manner. Most people would consider the medical experiments of the Nazi Doctors to be unethical even though they conformed to the principles spelled out in the Nazi ideology imposed on Germany by the Third Reich.)



Week 6 Assignment  

Developing a Questionnaire

Develop a questionnaire with five questions related to a general topic of interest to you. Write a plan for administering your survey (who/what/when/where). Although you will not carry out this survey, I would like you to tell me your plan.

Report on the following:

A summary of the topic you chose

Describe your topic and why you chose it

List of the five questions and the scale/strategy you used

List each question (review text and resources for types of questions)

List the scale or strategy you used (example: Likert scale, etc.)

Your planned methodology for administering the questionnaire

Describe how you will administer the questionnaire (online, interview one on one, etc.)



Week 8 Assignment  

For the past 8 weeks, you have worked in groups to develop a final presentation. This presentation is based on the PICO question you developed in Week 2, and uses the articles you found for the Article Summary. Your presentation will be graded on the following:


Why/what process did you use to choose this topic?

What is the background and significance of the clinical problem?

PICO question

Strategies used to get the relevant literature

Assessment/appraisal of the literature

Conclusions as to whether the literature is sufficient to adopt the intervention at the clinical facility


A title slide with the topic, the presenter’s names, and the institution you’re affiliated with (for this course, Maryville University, in the professional setting it will be your place of employment)

A slide that lists your objectives of the presentation (what you want us to get out of your presentation)

Include a table or graph to illustrate one concept you are discussing

At least one piece of clip art

Able to explain concepts in a clear and concise manner

The last slide should be a list of all references in APA format

Provide a few thought provoking questions about the topic you chose to engage your peers in a discussion

Discussion Facilitation

Provide a summary of the presentation – no longer than a paragraph

Ask at least three (3) questions regarding the material presented

Responds and answers any questions posed and encourages discussion

Once your group has completed your final presentation, upload it to this discussion forum and make sure to include a list of your group members.. Don’t forget to include a few thought provoking questions about the topic to engage your peers in a discussion.

To view the rubric for this assignment, click the gear icon in the upper right corner and select “Show Rubric.”



Assignment – Scientific Poster

In addition to the group presentation, develop a scientific poster that displays your findings from the project. Scientific posters are typically displayed at conferences and are a method for you to communicate your research to the public. Although we will develop a scientific poster, you won’t actually be required to print it. Download the template below to get started. It is a 36″ x 48″ Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. You will save it as either a .ppt or .pdf for submission.

Scientific Poster Template

Below are a few resources that will help you as you develop your scientific poster.

Purrington, C.B. Designing conference posters.Links to an external site. Scientific poster tutorials.Links to an external site.

You will be graded on the following:

Appearance of poster

Creativity of poster content (colors, pictures, etc.)

Chart/picture and graph


Names of the people in the group

Upload your scientific poster to this forum. Provide feedback to at least one other group’s submission.

To view the rubric for this assignment, click the gear icon in the upper right corner and select “Show Rubric.”



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