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Week 4 Assignment  

The Patient in Pain

Before You Begin

Review the following article: Broglio, K. & Portenoy, R. K. (2013). Pain assessment and management in the last weeks of life. Up-To-Date, Lex-Comp.

To Complete the Assignment

Respond to the following case study:

Mr. Hollingsworth is a 70-year-old retired construction worker who has lung cancer with bone metastasis. He is in his final weeks of life and is experiencing extreme pain of 7-10 at all times. He has not been taking the medications for pain regularly, leading to decreased effectiveness of the medications. He is only taking morphine on a prn basis.

Describe how you will assess the patient for pain who is experiencing severe pain related to bone cancer.

Utilizing the nursing process, establish a plan of care for this patient.

What medications will you recommend to be added to his drug regime?

Describe the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of opioids and adjuvant medications utilized for bone pain.

Identify the alternative and complementary therapies utilized in the treatment of pain.


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