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 Steps to complete this project:

Open the start file PP2019-Capstone-Level2. If the document opens in Protected View, click the Enable Editing button in the Message Bar at the top of the document so you can modify it.
The file will be renamed automatically to include your name. Change the project file name if directed to do so by your instructor, and save it.
Change the presentation theme to Organic.
Change the variant to use the Dark Brown Wood background option (the second option in the Variants gallery).
On Slide 1, click in the subtitle placeholder and type the text Decadent popcorn with capitol toppings
On Slide 1, insert the toptCornLogo image from the location where you saved the data files for this project. (Downloaded from the Resources link.)
Change the alt text for the picture to Top’t Corn logo
NOTE: If you see a Title box and a Description box in the Alt Text pane in your version of Office, be sure to type the text in the Description box only.
Change the size of the logo to be 2″ in height by 3.02″ in width.
Move the logo to the upper right corner of the slide, so it looks like the figure below.

Switch to Outline view and add the following bullet points to the fifth slide (Future Flavors):

Spicy Cheddar
Candied Bacon
Red Velvet

Switch back to Normal view and navigate to Slide 4. Modify the slide by doing the following:
Navigate to Slide 8 and change the layout of the slide to the Title and Content layout.
Add the following information in a table on Slide 8:

Apply the Medium Style 2 – Accent 3 table Quick Style to the table (it is the fourth option in the second row in the Medium section of the gallery).
Insert a new slide after Slide 8 using the Title and Content layout. Add the text October Sales Totals as the title for the slide.
Add a chart to the slide.
Navigate to Slide 2. Add an online picture to the content placeholder on the right side of the slide. Use the search word Capitol and insert a picture of your choice.
Apply the Reflected Rounded Rectangle picture style to the online picture you inserted.
Navigate to Slide 1 and add the Reveal transition to the slide. Change the effect options of the transition Through Black From Left . Apply the transition to all the slides in the presentation.
Animate objects on a slide.
Add information to the footer of all slides.
Add a note to Slide 10 that reads Contact Tom Finley for custom pricing
Start the slide show from the beginning and navigate through the presentation. Use a combination of keyboard and mouse commands to navigate to different slides.
Print handouts of the presentation.

a.Left align the bulleted list on the slide.
b.Convert the bulleted list to a numbered list using the 1), 2), 3) format.
c.Change the line spacing of the numbered list to 1.5.
Farragut Square
The Wharf
Old Bay
Sea Salt and Caramel
a.Add a Pie chart to the content placeholder.
b.Enter the following data:

Food Truck Sales
Farragut Square
The Wharf
d.Be sure to delete the empty row of sample data in the Chart in Microsoft PowerPoint dialog.
a.Navigate to Slide 7 and select the food truck image on the left. Apply the Zoom (Entrance-Subtle) animation to the picture and change the effect options so the object is animated in from screen center.
b.Select the second truck on the slide. Apply the Zoom (Entrance-Subtle) animation to the picture and change the effect options so the object animated in from screen center. Change the Start option so the truck will animate at the same time the previous animation plays.
c.Change the duration of both animations to 1.00 seconds.
d.Preview the animations to verify the trucks animate at the same time.
a.Navigate to Slide 1, and open the Header and Footer dialog.
b.Add the date and time to the slide footer and have it update automatically.
c.Add Top’t Corn Corporation as the footer text.
d.Apply the footer to all slides in the presentation.
a.Change the printing options so three slides with lines to the right appear on each page.
b.Print the handouts.Top’t Corn
• Founded in 2006 in Washington
• Family owned and operated
• Serving the greater Washington
DC area including Northern
Virginia and Maryland
• Unique and delicious flavor
• Affordable prices for families
• Easy access locations for quick
Our Top’t 4 Sellers
• Original Blend
• Old Bay
• Sea Salt and Caramel
• Truffle
Future Flavors
Brick and Mortar Stores
• National Harbor
• Old Town Alexandria
• Nationals Park
• Mosaic District
Food Truck Locations
• The Wharf
• Georgetown
• K Street
Food Truck Monthly
Sales Sample
• Price per box $10
• Commemorative packaging $4
• DIY Toppings $3

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