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MGT-410 Discussion Questions

Topic 6 DQ 1: Develop a vision statement for any organization of your choice. Your vision statement should be designed to encourage a high-performing and competitive future for the organization and promote servant leadership. Keep the vision under 50 words.

Topic 6 DQ 2: Review the study materials and read “Cultures of Servant Leadership and Their Impact.” Describe, by citing specific tactics, how a servant leader can inspire employees, customers, and the community. How can a servant leader’s impact be further realized through the four tenants of conscious capitalism? Strengthen your claims with supporting citations.

Topic 6 DQ 3: Read “Leadership Servant and Organizational Climate,” located in the study materials. Describe how a vision can be used by leaders and an organization to foster an atmosphere of servant leadership. Identify a verse from the Holy Bible that speaks to vision and leadership. Discuss why you chose this verse, and how it can be applied from the perspective of a servant leader.

Topic 6 DQ 4: In Chapter 9 of the textbook, Jim Laub argues that a servant organization “is one in which the characteristics of servant leadership are displayed through the organizational culture and practiced by the leadership and the workforce.” Select one of the servant leader organizations from “Fortune’s Best Companies to Work for With Servant Leadership” and explain how the characteristics of servant leadership are displayed and practiced within that organization. Do not use SWA or TDIndustries. Strengthen your claims with supporting citations.

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