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MGT-410 Discussion Questions

Topic 7 DQ 1: How can servant leadership impact the attitudes and behaviors of followers in organizations? Considering the Christian concept of putting others before oneself as well as what you have learned in this course about servant leadership, explain the impact of the leader- follower relationship on team performance. Strengthen your claims with supporting citations within each content area of your response.

Topic 7 DQ 3: In Chapter 13 of the textbook, Dierendonck and Rook argue that servant leadership is related to creativity. Review Chapter 13 of the textbook and “Why Consciousness Is the Key to Unlocking Capitalism’s Greatest Potential,” located in the study materials. Using what you have read, discuss ideas that your organization can implement in order to stimulate creativity? Strengthen your claims with supporting citations.

Topic 7 DQ 4: Central to servant leadership is the notion that the needs of followers must be met. How should the leader manage the leader-follower relationship so as not to form codependent relationships? Strengthen your claims with supporting citations.

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