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BSBMGT605 – Provide leadership across the organisation


1. How should you communicate the organizations vision, mission and values? (50 words)

2. What do you understand by the vision, mission and values of the organization? (100 words)

3. When communicating the mission and goals to others in the organization what should you make sure you do? (50 words)

4. Explain how your own personal conduct can assist you in gaining and maintaining the trust and confidence of your colleagues, and external contacts? (100 words)

5. What can you do to influence groups and individuals in your organization? (50 words)

6. Building and supporting teams is a major part of your role. What does this involve? (50 words)

7. How can you demonstrate personal and professional competence? (50 words)

8. What is business ethics and how can this be applied to leadership? (50 words)

9. How should the mission, vision and values be described to relevant stakeholders? (50 words)

10. Why should you consider media and language when talking to groups of people? (50 words)

11. Explain different leadership styles and how do they support organization’s mission, objectives and values? (200 words)

12. What is the impact of legislation in providing leadership across the organization? (100 words)

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