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The following essay must be able to read the book “Nasty Women: Feminism, Resistance, and Revolution in Trump’s America” by Samhita Mukhopadhyay, and Kate Harding.
Your paper must be:
a. 6 – 7 pages in length
b. Double-spaced
c. Typed in 12-point font
d. Typed using Times New Roman
Choose five essays from Nasty Women.  
a. Clearly label each new selection in your paper.
b. How have they challenged and confronted you?
c. How have they opened your eyes and expanded your perspective?
d. How do these selections challenge and confront the larger culture?
e. How do they offer the larger culture new ways of thinking, seeing, being, and doing?
f.  Connect one reading of your choice from the assigned readings this  semester from any of the provided reading sources to your reflection and  analysis of each reading selection. How does the reading selection in  Nasty Women connect or contradict with this additional reading choice?  Be specific and support your statements with references to the reading  selections of your choice.
Keep the following in mind throughout your paper:
Be  sure to start your paper with an introduction before exploring,  reflecting, and analyzing your first selection, and be sure to close  your paper after your 5th reflection with an appropriate conclusion.
Support your statements and opinions with references to Nasty Women and your additional reading selection.
Use the appropriate terminology and concepts you’ve learned in the class where applicable.

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