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BUS525 Business Strategy and Planning

Unit 6 Discussion

DQ1 Leadership and the Ethical Culture

In 2-3 paragraphs, describe the leadership and ethical culture practices of the organization that you have selected for your final paper.  Are they effective based on the material discussed this week?  In response to your peers, please provide feedback on their description and evaluation of the leadership and ethical culture practices of their organization.

DQ2 If You Were the CEO of Martinsville Manufacturing Corp

Please review this week’s Martinsville Manufacturing Corporation story.  The consultant gave the CEO the following overall feedback from her interviews with the employees.  “We received feedback that some employees felt highly engaged and energized to the organization’s new focus, and felt that excellent research had been done in its development so far. We also received feedback that you are not open-minded, and you may likely experience some employee turnover due to this concern.”  Given this feedback only, as the CEO, would you make changes to the strategic plan or your approaches?  In response to your peers, compare and contrast your responses.


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