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Read a chapter- from book- I will be providing the chapter (Chapter 19)
Create a PP presentation about the chapter to present in class.
Write a word document that explains each PP slide, to explain to class members.
The whole purpose of the assignment is to read the chapter, create a PP presentation and a word doc (with a summary from each slide) to read/present to class. 
The PP presentation needs to only have bullet points, as I will be reading the word document to explain the information. Do not fill the PP slides with the same information I will be reading from the word doc. 
You must include and talk about any ” Legal Case Example” the chapter has!
The length has to be as many PP slides I will need to teach the class the chapter.
Create two multiple choice questions, two True/False and two essay questions to ask to the class at the end of the presentation. Add the question in the PPPurchase answer to see full

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