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Project Management

Question 1: Short Questions

1. As a project manager, which factors would you consider as the reasons for project cost uncertainty? Mention THREE, at least.

2. Which, in your opinion, is the first task when a project manager takes over a project?

Also, justify your response.

Question 2: WBS

3. You have been appointed project manager to construct a new terminal building of an airport. Crucial information about the project is summarized as ‘Project details’ below.

Project details: To develop an airport terminal, work must be conducted to develop various key buildings and infrastructures, including a) a terminal building, b) a covered car parking, and c) road and bridge structures. Foundation, building construction, and internal services development works are needed in these structures. Deep excavation (digging) and RCC pillars are needed to build the needed foundation. For the building works, masonry and paintwork are needed. Finally, electrical, plumbing and IT infrastructure works are to be done for the internal services.

You are required to:

a) List down at least 3 top-level tasks to conduct this project.

b) Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) with all the needed levels and sub-levels (at least three in total) to capture full details using MS Word or any other software tool to maintain neatness.

Question 3: CPM

Consider time data provided for a project in the table below.

Task Description Durations (days) Predecessor/s

A Requirement Analysis 5 –

B Systems Design 15 A

C Programming 25 B

D Telecoms 15 B

E Hardware Installation 30 B

F Integration 10 C, D

G System Testing 10 E, F

a) Draw the network diagram using the AON diagram and identify the Critical Path.


1. Use the space below to draw the network diagram.

2. On each node use the following convention for filling node data.

3. Use a software tool to main neatness.

EST Activity Name

Activity Duration



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b) List critical activities on the Critical Path(s)

c) What is the total project completion time

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