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Topic: Can You Multi-Task?


Complete the experiment on p. 138 of your textbook in the “Try this Out” section. In your essay, please describe your results and discuss the following questions: which is below:  

 Hold a book or magazine to the side and try reading it. Did you notice that the words were blurry, if you could make them out at all? How does the distribution of rods and cones in the retina explain this phenomenon?


in a 400 word essay in APA style write an essay based off the try it out exercise above by answering the following questions within essay. use own words no plagarizing. 


 Based on your results and the information presented in the textbook, should we multi-task while studying? How about while driving?

Do you think there are some tasks that are easier to multi-task on than others? If so, which ones? If not, why not?

Apply the concepts of divided attention and focused awareness to your findings and/or experience with this activity as you answer the questions above.



In your essay, be realistic (e.g., many of us will still eat on a long road trip). Instead of prescribing a specific list, consider recommending general principles to consider. Include points related to levels of consciousness and attention.

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