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Do You Know? (minute paper)—Write one paragraph about learning new information and   important information you learned after reading Chapter 15 (make   sure that you cite and include page numbers).  Tell me exactly why this information   is new to you and why it is important to you.  

You have been approached by a   local community organization to develop a brochure on successful aging.    Think about four key areas you would include in the brochure that you will   create.  For example, what does it mean to age successfully? Are   perceptions of successful aging the same for everyone? Explain. What are some   characteristics of successful agers.  What resources and social supports   do elders need to age successfully? What strategies can improve health status and fitness in   older adults.

Please note:  Your   brochure should be created in Word and attached as a file in the DB. Include pictures, use   bullets, and be creative.

The answer to each DB must be at least 250 words – that is the minimum required to fully answer the questions. Each answer must demonstrate critical thinking and writing at a college level. Good grammar and spelling are important. The answer must completely address all issues raised in the activity description and information from another source must be cited in APA format.  

Above and beyond what was specified in the assignments. Is extraordinarily thorough and well-written. Include specific references and is thoughtful. Writing is clear and precise and has few grammatical/spelling errors. Demonstrates understanding of course content knowledge and application of course content within course framework using prior knowledge and >3 examples from course content and other resources when applicable. Includes critical thinking and synthesis. Connects course concepts with other concepts in the subject matter area. APA format with no more than 1 error.

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